Training Log 09/12/13

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
A1. Neutral Grip Pullups

6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4

A2. Single Sided Kettlebell Deadlift (suitcase)

52.8/5 each side x 6 sets

B1. Dumbbell Snatch

45/8 PR but needed my straps

B2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

52.8/5 each side

C1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise to Standing Overhead Press*

15lbs – 15 raises + 10 presses
12 raises + 10 presses
10 raises + 8 presses

* Injury to my elbow doesn’t allow me to strict press anything over 15lbs so this is how I get around it.

C2. Kettlebell Swing

52.8/15 x 3 sets

Dumbbell Shrugs


Hanging Leg Raise

15, 12, 10

Sixty Days to Sexy – Home Video Workout Series

My pre-fat loss challenge prep

Well we are starting a 4 week fat loss challenge tomorrow and I am taking today to get my head in the game. I did conditioning today at the gym….good lord I am slow and out of shape, all I have been doing in the gym lately is pure strength training…which is great because I’ve increased my strength tons…but bad because my conditioning is currently terrible. You can see what I did today on Fitocracy, where I log my training

My eats today have been relatively good. 2 protein shakes with water, a glass of Kefir, juiced some spinach and veggies for a smoothie, spaghetti squash with ground sirloin and I did make my man some avocado/greek yogurt dip with pita and had a few of those. That’s it so far today. I know I’m going to be pretty hungry when I start this diet. Grrrr. I found the recipe for this dip here:

End of the World Workout from Sixty Days to Sexy – Home Bootcamp Workout Series