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Homemade Hummus Recipe

I got a new food processor for Christmas so I made hummus for the first time. So much yum, so easy to make, and so much cheaper than storebought. The amount it made would have cost at least $8 in a store if not $10. Since it was the first time I made it I read several recipes just to get a feel for it. I didn’t have any tahini and I’m not even sure if the storebought stuff I buy has it so I ended up searching for recipes without it. I settled on using this one as a base just to see all the ingredients that go into it, but I didn’t measure anything. Continue reading Homemade Hummus Recipe

My pre-fat loss challenge prep

Well we are starting a 4 week fat loss challenge tomorrow and I am taking today to get my head in the game. I did conditioning today at the gym….good lord I am slow and out of shape, all I have been doing in the gym lately is pure strength training…which is great because I’ve increased my strength tons…but bad because my conditioning is currently terrible. You can see what I did today on Fitocracy, where I log my training

My eats today have been relatively good. 2 protein shakes with water, a glass of Kefir, juiced some spinach and veggies for a smoothie, spaghetti squash with ground sirloin and I did make my man some avocado/greek yogurt dip with pita and had a few of those. That’s it so far today. I know I’m going to be pretty hungry when I start this diet. Grrrr. I found the recipe for this dip here:

End of the World Workout from Sixty Days to Sexy – Home Bootcamp Workout Series

Some of my favourite healthy snacks

Some of these healthy snacks are actually big enough to be meals for the average size girl (whatever the hell average size girl is) …what I mean is a girl who’s not necessarily trying to put on weight. I am pretty low maintenance and sorta lazy when it comes to cooking, so these are pretty quick and easy to make as well.

www.sixtydaystosexy.net1. Smish a banana into a bowl and drop a scoop of Monster Milk on top. I use brownie batter, or cake batter, or banana cream. Work the dry powder into the smished banana until it’s all mixed together and is a a delicious gooey mess. Then eat. It’s a good high protein, low fat meal with carbs. Tastes like a dessert.

2. Mix equal parts cottage cheese with flavoured greek yogurt. Again, high protein, low fat meal with carbs.

3. Stir a tbsp of sugar free jam into a serving of cottage cheese. Great high protein, low carb, low fat meal.

4. Sometimes I chop a couple of ounces of leftover extra lean ground turkey or lean beef and reheat in a bit of olive oil in a pan and add some egg whites and fry it up. Kinda tastes like steak and eggs for breakfast…at any time of the day. Great high protein, low carb meal

5. Veggies dipped in hummus. If you’re ambitious enough to make it yourself….all the better, but if not, hummus is generally pretty healthy and a great snack. Just skip the pita and dip raw veggies into it. Pretty yum.

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss – Deep Thoughts

I wanted to discuss a few things regarding the Rapid Fat Loss Program, mainly results and adherence. First of all, results after one week have generally been pretty good, although all over the place….I am not surprised by any one individuals results so far….I can usually look at a person and how they move and then with one or two questions determine what exactly they are doing wrong with their diet and what needs to change in order to see change on the scale. Let me break it down somewhat for you so you’re not freaking out about results so far:

  • If you already workout consistently and have lots of bodyfat to lose, your diet is key and probably your number one obstacle to success. So be diligent in following what’s laid out for you for the most success
  • If you started this program eating “healthy” and did only cardio…you may gain weight but lose inches (which is GOOD!) because weightlifting creates inflammation and your body holds on to more blood volume and fluids. And “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean in the right portion size or macronutrient breakdown
  • If, when you started this program, you were not exercising at all and eating whatever you wanted, then you will likely lose a ton of weight (some of which is water, make no mistake) and inches.
  • If you are already lean, already a gym rat, already do a lot of cardio and/or weight lifting AND you already eat a perfect diet….or some combination of that…then you are not going to see a big change on the scale….so don’t expect 5lbs on the scale in one week like everyone else. You have the least amount of fat to lose and you’re already the most athletic and nutritionally balanced of the group. So knowing you’re already doing everything right and seeing a 1-2lbs drop on the scale in the first week is FANTASTIC progress. It’s going to be harder for you to see numbers change so little ones mean big progress. You may also notice a body composition change depending on what you were doing before…tighter abs, leaner legs, tighter looking arms….all good!

Ok…so that covers results….now on to adherence. I had a bootcamper, doing the Rapid Fat Loss, make this comment in class while we were in discussion about the program: “It’s amazing how many people want a program laid out for them but then they want it all changed”

That’s exactly true and the very reason why I don’t run these programs more often. Because everyone wants everything laid out for them so they don’t have to think and they’re all willing to throw their hard-earned money at it and then they want to know how to change it so they can eat this or eat that or workout on this day or do this activity. Guess what….you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Plain and simple.

Losing weight is one of the simplest things to do….it’s all human physiology and YOUR body runs exactly the same as every other body, you can’t change that basic physiology, even if you have a hormonal issue, it’s still just basic physiology….and yet losing weight is one of the hardest things to do because it takes so much discipline…no one wants to step outside their comfort zone and get shit done. You can not do what you’ve always done and expect to get different results.

So….stop trying to change a perfectly balanced and perfectly laid out plan and just follow it. Don’t change your meals. Don’t mix and match foods. Don’t change your meal composition. Don’t add foods that aren’t on the list because you’re bored of your meals. Don’t train on your low days when you’re not supposed to. Don’t cheat on your meals to compensate for the fact you trained on your low day. Don’t train without eating breakfast first and expect to feel great or train as hard as you need to. Stop trying to have your cake and eat it too.


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