SPF Fitness Philosophy

At SPF, we believe fitness is a lifestyle, it should be something you enjoy, and it should encompass all aspects of your life without taking over. To someone who’s never been involved in the fitness lifestyle, working out seems like a chore. And the term “fitness lifestyle” is probably a little intimidating. If you’ve never done anything before and now want to get started, you may be thinking “lifestyle” means you have to give everything up that you love, and do all this unpleasant chore stuff and change your whole life. That not really how it works, and that’s not really how we expect it to be.

For someone to get started in fitness, they have to want to do it. They are either tired of feeling sluggish and want to feel proud of their bodies or, in some cases, their doctor has told them they are going to die if they don’t do something soon. Whatever that push is, yes it feels like a chore at the beginning. It’s hard, you have to think about everything. But just like starting a new job, once you’re done the training and worked there a bit, you begin to learn the ins and outs and everything becomes like second nature. That’s when fitness becomes fun. And that’s what people mean by the term “fitness lifestyle”. You end up making better choices because they coincide better with your new activities. Eventually, those choices are just habits that you don’t even have to think about.

At SPF, we really believe in striving to achieve a balance in your life where you are healthy, you are working out enough to make progress but not so much you’re getting injured all the time, you are practicing proper nutrition most of the time but still know how to enjoy a meal out or a glass of wine without it being a negative thing. This is one of the things we will try to teach you, balance. And it’s not easy. Everyone struggles with it in some way.

This is why we think it’s so important to make fitness fun. If it’s always a chore, no one’s going to do it. So, while you are still going to sweat, you are still going to work hard, and you are still going challenge your body in every single session, we make sure you are having fun while you do it.

Our fitness philosophy

We are client centered, research based and results driven. That means we combine the 20 years experience we have in the fitness industry with the research we’ve read to design a program for your specific needs and goals. We monitor your progress and reassess your goals regularly, and modify your program when it’s needed.

Part of my job is to figure out what works and what doesn’t, weed out the good information from the bad, and we have years of experience doing that. Therefore you won’t see any Tracy Anderson Method at this gym, or any other Hollywood type fad either. Here’s what you can expect at DFC:

  • Goal Setting
  • Structured training
  • You will set goals and log your training and your nutrition and have a plan
  • Mobility and pre-hab work
  • A variety of equipment such as kettlebells, suspension straps, med balls, sand bags and of course dumbbells/barbells
  • No cardio machines
  • You will learn proper lifting form and learn to love being strong
  • You will learn to lift. Properly.
  • You will change your physique and improve your health.