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Leah has been in Frontpagethe fitness industry for over 20 years. This mom of 2 and grandmother of 1 started out in martial arts where she quickly learned that weight training would be a necessity if she was to keep up with all the boys in her martial arts classes. Eventually her love of weights grew along with her love of fitness and she moved from focusing on martial arts to competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Leah competed for 5 years in natural organizations and became one of the IDFA’S first Professional Female Bodybuilders.

Over the years, she has worked in commercial gyms and eventually left to open her own private personal training and bootcamp studio. It was built from the ground up with love, hard work and perseverance. Starting out part time outside in parks, Strength Powered Fitness quickly grew to a full time, indoor studio offering 16 bootcamp classes a week and private one-on-one training during the day with over 300 members.

It was with mixed emotions that Leah decided to close her Kitchener studio at the height of it’s success in order to move to Los Angeles to marry her American Fiance. Leah is now working to recreate the amazing studio full of spectacular people in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. If you would like to know more about Leah you can connect with her on facebook or visit her blog at Strength Powered Fitness.

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