Training & Nutrition Services

Whether you are looking for one-on-one or group training, SPF can help you reach your health & fitness goals

Private Personal Training

Leah provides personal one-on-one training in her home studio or can come to you and train you in your home or work place. Your training will be personalized and your program developed just for you, in order to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in the most efficient and enjoyable manner possible. Leah operates a garage gym out of her home and offers a private changing area and shower. It’s a pretty laid back, yet professional atmosphere. Don’t expect Hollywood glitz and glamour with swarovski crystals and night club lighting. It’s a place to sweat and challenge your body. We have all the equipment you need to achieve your goals and we guarantee a clean, comfortable training space. Please click here for fees and scheduling.

Small Group Training

Small group training is available at my home studio or at the beach or park. The advantages of small group training are cost efficiency and training with your friends and people you know. My time gets split more efficiently when I can train more than one person at a time and I can therefore pass that savings on to you while still offering you the same quality training. There is a max of 5 people. Please click here for fees and scheduling options.

Outdoor Bootcamps

Outdoor bootcamps are great for larger groups. If you have a special company gathering or already have a large group of friends that want training, this is your best option. It’s cost efficient and most of all fun and effective for helping you reach your goals. Please contact for more info and fees.

Corporate Training

Leah can work with your company to provide special one-time training or on-going group classes at your place of work. And the best part is, we don’t need an existing fitness facility in order to help you. If you don’t have adequate green space or a parking lot in which to work, we can turn any boardroom into a training space. Leah provides all the equipment needed, all you need to do is get your people excited and committed to trying a new workout. We will work together to help you reach your goals and ensure a healthy productive working career. Contact Leah for details

Nutritional Services

Leah is committed to educating people about proper nutrition and provides all clients with tools for better eating habits and making proper nutrition less confusing. For those people requiring a more in-depth nutrition plan, Leah provides written meal plans separate from training services. For more information, please click here.