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Love thyself, yes you can, and all that jazz

Last week I linked to this blog post on our facebook page, entitled Hey, Fat Girl…..if you haven’t read it yet, go, it’s pretty awesome. And now, I want to say a few things about being a newbie at SPF specifically….since we have a ton of newbies right now. First of all…I know that a good majority of you ARE petrified when you first walk through those doors. If you haven’t seen my occasional ranting or bitchy posts, then you’ve most likely seen a video or two of class….both of which might make a newbie turn and run, opting for an easier start….our classes are tough and I fully admit not everyone is going to like my style of teaching. So those of you who are fully informed…that’s a big step in itself. Some newbies walk through the door completely oblivious to what they’re getting themselves into….some are pleasantly surprised, no matter their fitness level and some just never come back. To all the ones that keep coming back….despite puking on your first day, despite being given skittles on your first day so you don’t pass out, despite having to stop 15 seconds into every single 40 second exercise to catch your breath, despite not being able to lift even the lightest weight we have…..YOU ARE THE ONES THAT WILL SUCCEED.

If you have the guts to stick it out and keep coming even though it SUCKS because it’s sooo hard; if you have the sense to listen to your body and to me when you need to rest or when you need to work harder; if you can keep your eye on the goal and not worry about what other people might be thinking about you….it will get easier….I promise you that. It will never be “easy” …because you will always be working to your own max level….as you get stronger and fitter you will be capable of doing more and lifting heavier and holding planks longer and lasting the full interval….your heart and your muscles….it’s not going to be easy, but it will definitely get easier because you are getting better.

Remember…we ALL begin at the start line….just some of us start at different times. Everyone who walks through the doors, walks through it for the first time at some point. And if you stick around, you’ll get to watch all the new newbies walk in 3 months from now and that’s when you’ll realize just how far you’ve come!

Bootcamp for the Boys

Bootcamp For The Boys

Why does every other bootcamp say women’s only? Perhaps it’s because they only do girly exercises or use little pink dumbbells or perhaps its because the girls are intimidated by the guys. Not at Strength Powered Fitness! Our girls can hang with the guys. We do pullups and squats and deadlifts and we use real weight. We challenge you to keep up with us!

We focus on strength and conditioning in every class. You will work hard and you will sweat your ass off like never before. Sign up for a free class and check it outself.


Youtube/Facebook Contest

Strength Powered Fitness Contest Give-Away T-shirts

This past weekend I ran a youtube contest on the facebook page. First 10 people to complete all the tasks won free classes, first 3 won a free tank. Congrats to the winners:

  1. Y. Abouseif – Free tank + 6 bootcamp classes
  2. E. Walpole – Free tank + 6 bootcamp classes
  3. C. Shadwell – Free tank + 6 bootcamp classes
  4. T. Ritchie – 6 bootcamp classes
  5. M. Brown – 6 bootcamp classes
  6. B. Bowman – 6 bootcamp classes
  7. G. Song – 6 bootcamp classes
  8. B. Jordan – 6 bootcamp classes
  9. br3annab – 6 bootcamp classes — need a real name here!
  10. V.Thompson – 6 bootcamp classes

Congrats to everyone and thanks for participating!!!

Tabata Training Tonight

Tabata Training

A solid hour of tabata training. Ass. Kicked. I wanted to do the second class as well but I forgot my timer at the studio so I had to count rounds. GRRRR.

Here’s what we did:

2 exercises, 10 rounds each, 20 seconds work, 15 seconds recovery. I had 3 groups of 3 running. Each group did 3 separate sets of exercises:

Group 1

  1. KB Swing —-> Burpees
  2. BB Clean and Press —-> Speed box jumps
  3. Woodchop —-> Step Jumping Jacks

Group 2

  1. DB Squat & Press —-> DL Burpee
  2. Spiderman Pushups —-> KB Swing
  3. TRX Jump Squat —-> DB Row

Group 3

  1. TRX Pullup —-> Lateral Lunge Touchdowns
  2. DB Snatch —-> Drivestep
  3. Renegade Row —-> Single Leg Romanians Touchdowns

Now that’s what you call fun!