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Training Log – 11-04-13

Well every time I log my training it feels like I am saying “just getting back into it because of an injury”. So frustrating. My back has been messed up for months which I am in denial about….so I keep going in and trying to squat or deadlift and fucking up my back again and then I’m out for a week. Again. I need to stop that shit. But I’m so tired of not really training. grrr. Last night I was even being conservative and still couldn’t finish my workout. grrr.
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Leah Wynne – Training Log – 10/07/13 & 10/10/13

So…first training session since we moved…been about oh, 2 weeks since training and even then very sporadic since we were busy packing and whatnot. Tried out a new gym in the area on Monday. Surprise surprise it sucked. So much we drove back to the old gym for yesterdays session. Not sure how long that will last since it’s kind of a far drive from here. But I sure do love that gym.
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Training Log 09/12/13

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
A1. Neutral Grip Pullups

6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4

A2. Single Sided Kettlebell Deadlift (suitcase)

52.8/5 each side x 6 sets

B1. Dumbbell Snatch

45/8 PR but needed my straps

B2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

52.8/5 each side

C1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise to Standing Overhead Press*

15lbs – 15 raises + 10 presses
12 raises + 10 presses
10 raises + 8 presses

* Injury to my elbow doesn’t allow me to strict press anything over 15lbs so this is how I get around it.

C2. Kettlebell Swing

52.8/15 x 3 sets

Dumbbell Shrugs


Hanging Leg Raise

15, 12, 10

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