Training Log – 11-04-13

Well every time I log my training it feels like I am saying “just getting back into it because of an injury”. So frustrating. My back has been messed up for months which I am in denial about….so I keep going in and trying to squat or deadlift and fucking up my back again and then I’m out for a week. Again. I need to stop that shit. But I’m so tired of not really training. grrr. Last night I was even being conservative and still couldn’t finish my workout. grrr.

1. Back squat

95/8 x 2
115/5 x 2
135/5 x 3

2. Leg Press

115 per side for 8 reps and done. That fucked my back up.

3. Leg extension

4 sets of 10-12

4. Lying leg curls

4 sets of 8-10

5. DB Reverse Lunge

30/10e x 3

6. Back raises …working on increasing the reps I can do on this

17, 12, 15