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Home conditioning workout, by request

I’ll be honest…this one is a bit rough…I haven’t been doing as much conditioning lately but sucking in a video is great because it shows you what you have to do….it’s like taking progress pictures. Pictures and videos don’t lie lol….if you suck, you’ll see it. Also, this was all filmed in the same workout, I had to change my top because slide-y on slide-y is annoying.

Also again, please excuse in the indoor setting…the patio is covered with men on scaffolding grrr.

Home Bootcamp Workout
Home Bootcamp Workout

First Home Conditioning Workout in Los Angeles

Well…I filmed my first conditioning workout since being in L.A. It looks a little rough because I did rack pulls 2 days prior and my back was absolutely destroyed. I did 2 sets of each circuit, which took about 15 minutes. I would add another set of each circuit for a full session. Don’t forget to warm up on your own. And you can finish the session with your own abs/core/stretching exercises.

Here’s what I did:

Goblet Squat – if you don’t have a dumbbell you can use a kettlebell, plate, or even a medicine ball
Kettlebell Deadlift Burpee – You can use a set of dumbbells if you don’t have 2 KB’s. Or if you have just one KB you can set it in the centre, do your burpee, placing your hands on the ground instead of holding on the KB, and pick the KB up with 2 hands in the centre.
BW Slider Lunge – You can add weight if you want to, just remember those sliders are very slippery so you have to have the strength to pull yoursel back up, don’t go too low too fast
Hop in Squat out – Touched the palms of my hands to the ground on each rep
Step Behind Lunge with Overhead Press
Pushup with Plank Rotation – Use just bodyweight if you can’t control that weight as you rotate. Little baby weights fully approved on this one.
Platechoppers – I used a DB end to end, but you can use a kettlebell, plate or even a medicine ball for this. Make sure heels stay on the ground and you’re pushing those hips back
Slider Jackknife – Keep your shoulder girdle tight and steady with minimal movement.


Home Stair Workout

Home Stair Workout
Home Stair Workout
Ok…I know by now everyone is missing bootcamp. Here’s a stair workout you can do at home and with just a little bit of extra weights you can turn it into a full body session. You will need a set of stairs, a set of weights, and a timer.
Always warm up by doing some cardio and mobility drills first.

Step one, put your warm up music on….”I’m sexy and I know it”. 🙂
Step two, make your way through the following:
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec high knees
30 sec butt kicks
10 forward lunges, sinking low and getting a good hip flexor stretch
10 side lunge touchdowns
10 squats
Arm swings front to back, or dislocations
15 scap pushups

Now you can start your workout. Set your timer for 40 sec. In between each timed strength movement, you’re going to run your stairs times. There is not rest until you’ve completed the whole circuit….so do your best to catch your breath and keep going. Remember never to sacrifice form for reps.

Run stairs 6 x

Feet elevated on a stair – pushup, 40s

Run stairs 6x

Bent over Row – maintain a flat back and rest your lower back if you need to, 40s

Run stairs 6x

Squat & Press, 40s

Run stairs 6x

Med ball around the world, 40s – if you don’t have a med ball you can hold a dumbbell end to end

Run stairs 6x

DB or Kettlebell Swing, 40s

Run stairs 6x

With dumbbells in hand, Walk up the stairs two at a time like you were doing a high knee step up. Single stairs walk down.

Runs stairs 6x

Rest for water and repeat 2-3 more times. Don’t forget to stretch.

Some notes: Safety is always first, so make sure you have shoes on, be careful coming down the stairs, take them one at a time. If you don’t have dumbbells you can use kettlebells, (or go buy some :p ), You can use a med ball to add weight to the stairs. Your pushups can be done on an incline if decline is too hard, or flat on the ground on your knees. The stairs are based on about 12 stairs. If you have more than that, you can decrease from 6 to 4x, if you have less, you can increase to 8-10x up.

Sixty Days to Sexy – Home Bootcamp Workout Series

Love thyself, yes you can, and all that jazz

Last week I linked to this blog post on our facebook page, entitled Hey, Fat Girl…..if you haven’t read it yet, go, it’s pretty awesome. And now, I want to say a few things about being a newbie at SPF specifically….since we have a ton of newbies right now. First of all…I know that a good majority of you ARE petrified when you first walk through those doors. If you haven’t seen my occasional ranting or bitchy posts, then you’ve most likely seen a video or two of class….both of which might make a newbie turn and run, opting for an easier start….our classes are tough and I fully admit not everyone is going to like my style of teaching. So those of you who are fully informed…that’s a big step in itself. Some newbies walk through the door completely oblivious to what they’re getting themselves into….some are pleasantly surprised, no matter their fitness level and some just never come back. To all the ones that keep coming back….despite puking on your first day, despite being given skittles on your first day so you don’t pass out, despite having to stop 15 seconds into every single 40 second exercise to catch your breath, despite not being able to lift even the lightest weight we have…..YOU ARE THE ONES THAT WILL SUCCEED.

If you have the guts to stick it out and keep coming even though it SUCKS because it’s sooo hard; if you have the sense to listen to your body and to me when you need to rest or when you need to work harder; if you can keep your eye on the goal and not worry about what other people might be thinking about you….it will get easier….I promise you that. It will never be “easy” …because you will always be working to your own max level….as you get stronger and fitter you will be capable of doing more and lifting heavier and holding planks longer and lasting the full interval….your heart and your muscles….it’s not going to be easy, but it will definitely get easier because you are getting better.

Remember…we ALL begin at the start line….just some of us start at different times. Everyone who walks through the doors, walks through it for the first time at some point. And if you stick around, you’ll get to watch all the new newbies walk in 3 months from now and that’s when you’ll realize just how far you’ve come!