Los Angeles Bootcamp

Shannon’s Transformation

Love when a person “gets it”. Because not everyone does. For some, working out is always a chore…usually because they don’t find what they enjoy doing, maybe they don’t stick with it long enough or maybe they don’t try enough different things. For whatever reason…some people get it and some people don’t. Shannon got it right away and it never left her.

When she started working with me she was inexperienced and had some weight to lose and inexperiencedand I know my classes were hard. But she was determined and she kicked ass from her first day. Shannon participated in several of our rather strict fat loss challenges and she really became one of my most dedicated and active clients. She’s learned how to maintain her diet while still attending social functions. She learned how to balance training with life and other activities. Shannon has just completed her first half marathon, among several other smaller races and she’s twice competed in the Warrior Dash and continues to challenge herself in new and exciting ways. Proud of you Shannon!

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