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Kitchener ~ Guelph

Email Leah now to inquire about bootcamps in Kitchener and Guelph!!

Personal training is available in Leah's studio in downtown Kitchener.

Why work with a personal trainer?

  • Personal - Your training is personalized and geared to your specific goals

  • Efficiency of time - most people have more than one goal at any given time. A good trainer can provide a program that will optimize your training time and take into consideration all your goals

  • Motivation - I guarantee you will work harder with a trainer than you ever do alone. Not only that but having a scheduled appoint ensures you do not skip your workouts.

  • Injury - Whether sports related or simply life related, a personal trainer can help rehab after a significant injury or surgery. It is so important to ease back into proper exercises and general movements. Improperly performed exercises can lead to improper healing and further injury

  • Pain and health issues - Most people develop some type of issue over the years...low back pain, carpal tunnel, knee pain, rotator cuff or shoulder issues, arthritis, etc. Many of these issues improve after working with a personal trainer. You will learn proper movement patterns in every day life, gain strength and learn stretching techniques that will help ease or erase the pain of these every day issues.

  • Sport specific - Play a sport? Working with a personal trainer can improve speed and agility, prevent injury in the gym and provide efficiency in training.

Your training package includes before and after fitness assessments, weekly progress assessments, nutritional counselling, and unlimited email access.

We have many discounts and special packages available and payment plans are available. Small group (up to 4) personal training is also available, which provides an even bigger discount.

Email Leah now to discuss available personal training packages.

About Leah

  • * Background in martial arts, including Karate, Muay Thai, and Grappling
  • * Competitive bodybuilder and figure athlete
  • * Bootcamp and metabolic condtioning training
  • * Fitness, Fine Art and Figure modeling

Leah specializes in building muscle, losing fat, working with women, bootcamps, core training, conditioning, shoulder rehab/prehab, low back pain rehab/prehab, nutrition and competition training.

Leah is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. With a background in martial arts and fitness competitions, Leah's training philosophy is well rounded, incorporating strength and conditioning for everyone from athletes seeking peak performance to moms looking to lose the baby weight.

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