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Competition Training and Prep

Email Leah now to inquire about personal training!

Leah is a life time natural pro bodybuilder and fitness, figure and fine art model. She has extensive experience prepping for competition and photo shoots.

Nutrition prep only:

12 weeks $415
14 weeks $490
16 weeks $560
18 weeks $625

Prep with training included:

12 weeks $525
14 weeks $600
16 weeks $670
18 weeks $735

Other time periods are available if you require it, email to discuss. Your plans include unlimited email access for questions/clarifications. Nutrition is a complete meal by meal plan, and training includes weights, cardio, rehab and sport specific training. Competition prep also includes the final peak week and local posing practice.

About Leah

  • * Background in martial arts, including Karate, Muay Thai, and Grappling
  • * Competitive bodybuilder and figure athlete
  • * Bootcamp and metabolic condtioning training
  • * Fitness, Fine Art and Figure modeling

Leah specializes in building muscle, losing fat, working with women, bootcamps, core training, conditioning, shoulder rehab/prehab, low back pain rehab/prehab, nutrition and competition training.

Leah is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. With a background in martial arts and fitness competitions, Leah's training philosophy is well rounded, incorporating strength and conditioning for everyone from athletes seeking peak performance to moms looking to lose the baby weight.

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